Artana Art Cards Edition #3 – Stranded by Mahendra Nazar

date : 06/02/2023 company : Artana Category : Nft_Airdrop supply : 130 currency : sol
Artana Art Cards Edition #3 – Stranded by Mahendra Nazar

Artana Art Cards is a limited edition collector card series on Solana that showcases upcoming artists and designers from various backgrounds. The artworks are airdropped to a selected group of collectors and creators. With each drop, the edition size slightly increases and is currently at 130 pieces.

Artana Art Cards Edition #3 will feature Mahendra Nazar.

Mahendra Nazar is a renowned NFT artist and illustrator based in Indonesia, known for his unique blend of comic book aesthetics and intricate patterns. He founded an image-making studio called MicroB in 2013.

Mahendra Nazar’s art is marked by vibrant color use, eye-catching duo-tone dotted patterns, and a variety of influences from popular culture, often weaving in themes of empathy and social justice.

Artana is proud to announce our collaboration with Mahendra for our next card series, number 3 called “Stranded”.

Holders of Artana Card #1 and #2 will also receive this drop, and we are adding 20 new collectors to the list. In total 130 editions will be airdropped to the Solana collector and builder community.

Katie Morris

Katie Morris

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