Artana Art Cards Edition #5 – “Upgrade Process” by Shiceming

date : 06/22/2023 company : Artana Category : Nft_Airdrop supply : 160 currency : sol
Artana Art Cards Edition #5 – “Upgrade Process” by Shiceming

Artana Art Cards is a limited edition collector card series on Solana that showcases upcoming artists and designers from various backgrounds. The artworks are airdropped to a selected group of collectors and creators. With each drop, the edition size slightly increases and is currently at 160 editions.

Artana Art Cards Edition #5 will feature Shiceming.

Shiceming, a digital artist specializing in NFT art, creates unique, dynamic digital paintings in a collage style. He uses his own drawings and elements to fill the canvas, with a recurring theme of his love for animals.

Over the past two years, Shiceming has drawn great inspiration from the NFT community and fellow artists, leading to an active presence on platforms like OBJKT, Foundation, and ExchangeART, where hundreds of his items are available.

Artana is proud to announce our collaboration with Shiceming for our next card series, number 5 called “Upgrade Process”. In total 160 editions will be airdropped to the Solana collector and builder community.



Company: Shushii
Date: 03/02/2024
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Currency: eth
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