Artana Art Cards Edition #6 – “Park” by Chromory

date : 07/06/2023 company : Artana Category : Nft_Airdrop supply : 160 currency : sol
Artana Art Cards Edition #6 – “Park” by Chromory

Artana Art Cards is a limited edition collector card series on Solana that showcases upcoming artists and designers from various backgrounds. The artworks are airdropped to a selected group of collectors and creators. With each drop, the edition size slightly increases and is currently at 160 editions.

Artana Art Cards Edition #6 will feature Chromory.

Chromory is a highly talented Japanese digital artist who is well-known for their captivating and visually stunning small animated stories. Their unique artistic style has caught the attention of prominent collectors in the space, establishing them as a rising star in the art world.
Specializing in motion graphics and animation, Chromory’s work takes viewers on mesmerizing journeys through kaleidoscopic landscapes. Through the clever use of shapes, shadows, and seamless transitions, Chromory’s art transcends traditional boundaries, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that captivates and enchants viewers. Each piece of their work is a testament to their creativity and mastery of the medium, showcasing a truly unique artistic vision.
Chromory’s art has garnered significant recognition within the art community, and their creations continue to inspire and leave a lasting impression on those who have the privilege to encounter their imaginative and captivating animated stories.

Artana is proud to announce our collaboration with Chromory for our next card series, number 6 called “Park. In total 160 editions will be airdropped to the Solana collector and builder community.

Katie Morris

Katie Morris

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