date : 04/22/2023 company : BOZOS Category : Nft_Airdrop supply : 2222 price : 0.01 currency : eth

bozos is going to be a 2,222 genesis web3 pfp to web2 saas ( project. traits r hand drawn with a* quality & bluechip potential. get involved or miss on free $$$ ig.

the ‘ok’ traits are super frickin’ cool as they will grant the 225 holders the opportunity to have high-value nfts airdropped to their wallets from our own vault once a month (funded by a % of the platforms mrr) and a load of exclusive vib (very important bozo) perks when it goes public.

the rest of the bozos holding will still get access to the beta, a holders section + lifetime membership to the platform… along with other cool stuff, don’t fret.

no burning mechanism, no crypto token, no staking, no marketplace, nothing lame or gimmicky.

Pop Collective

Pop Collective

Company: Pop Collective
Date: 07/17/2024
Blockchain: other
Currency: usdt_usdc
Price: 0.00055 BTC