Mint Day

date : 03/20/2023 company : Big Boss Gang Category : Drop supply : 3333 price : 2 currency : sol
Mint Day

Join the NFT Revolution: BBG Offers Unmatched Benefits and Features.

A collection of 3,333 unique NFTs developed by a team of experts. Our goal is to bring value to collectors, investors, and the community by offering a range of utilities and features, Trading, Staking, E-commerce, Web Hosting, and Print-on-demand, All governed by DAO.

* Big eCommerce platform where you can easily buy, sell and trade a wide range of physical and digital products and pay with our token $BBG.

* $BBG Token designed to enhance the user experience and provide new opportunities for creators and collectors alike.

* We are creating trading markets for our token $BBG, allowing users to trade it using SOL, USDT, and USDC.

* We developed a DAO platform with a multi-sig wallet, which allows you to have a say in the direction and decision-making of the project.

* We developed a cloud web hosting platform where you can host your own websites or online stores and you pay with $BBG.

* We created a staking platform, which allows you to earn massive $BBG rewards by holding or staking our NFTs and earning passive income.

* We have also a print-on-demand feature that allows you to order physical products printed with copies of their favorite NFTs.

Overall, our project is designed to bring value to the NFT community by offering a wide range of utilities and features that cater to collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike.




Company: Shushii
Date: 03/02/2024
Blockchain: ethereum
Currency: eth
Price: 0.01