The Apocalyptics Alpha Game Starter Pack!

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The Apocalyptics Alpha Game Starter Pack!

The Apocalyptics is an authentic online RTS (real-time strategy)/NFT Web 3.0 Game!

It is a multiplayer online game that merges real-time strategy and NFTs on the Polygon chain. The game uses Apocalypseium (APOC) tokens for its in-game economy, which players can earn through various activities. With a vast world map consisting of five terrains, players can explore and participate in different activities such as scavenging for resources, staking NFTs for APOC, scavenging airdrops, raiding enemy camps for loot, engaging in NFT PvP battles, and competing in tournaments! The top 100 players can participate in seasonal tournaments, which are live-streamed, offering an exciting and engaging experience for players and spectators alike!

Players can safely and securely bridge their NFTs from WAX to the Polygon chain on OpenSea, using The Apocalyptics’ very own custom created NFT Bridge! The bridge currently only works for The Apocalyptics collections. Both the WAX Cloud and Anchor login’s are available. We will keep the WAX community updated on the evolution of our NFT Bridge to OpenSea!

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This unique Alpha-Game pack contains 1 MVP-NFT, 1 Character NFT (Doc or Tank), and 1 Jungle Terrain NFT.
The MVP-NFT Slip is a Legendary, while the odds for the other NFTs are as follows:

Epic: 0.6250%
Rare: 6.2500%
Uncommon: 30.6250%
Common: 62.5000%

The MVP-NFT, is a permission slip and an essential NFT that every player needs to start Scavenging for various in-game resources, such as Food, Wood, Iron and Apoc-Shards (an APOC-Token derivative). These resources are needed to upgrade your in-game structures such as the Barracks, the Hospital, Shop and Builder’s Den. They are also needed to “Train” your NFTs in order to level them up.

An NFT character needs to be “Equipped” in the game for players to start Scavenging and Raiding enemy camps for Loot!

Players will need a Terrain NFT, and for this Alpha-Game release it is the Jungle Terrain. The in-game map is ever expanding depending on the number of players. There are 4 other Terrains that will be be opened up in future updates, each with their own unique graphics and resources.

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Katie Morris

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