The Mockery of Money Behind Destruction

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The Mockery of Money Behind Destruction

“Hey there! It’s Elijah McKenzie-Jackson, Gen Z artist and activist, and I’m stoked to unveil my debut collection – ‘The Mockery of Money Behind Destruction: The NFT Collection’. Don’t miss out, come and take a look!”

The collection features three images of clowns in the foreground named: ‘CHEVy-RON the clown’ ‘rEXXON the clown’ & ‘SHELLdon the clown’ each representing the top 3 oil polluters with highest profits: Chevron, Exxon & Shell. (Each selling 1/1)

The recently released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has once again highlighted the urgent need for a transition towards renewable energy sources to combat the global climate crisis. The report highlights the detrimental effects of continued use of fossil fuels on the planet’s climate, including rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and the displacement of millions of people. It emphasizes the need for a rapid and widespread transition to renewable energy to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The use of clowns as the focal point of this collection is not just a creative choice; it’s a symbolic representation of the foolishness of money and the madness of our broken system. It’s a commentary on the circus-like spectacle of the oil industry and its devastating impact on the environment and communities, which demands immediate action. Through this limited collection, EMJ strives to ignite passion in individuals and communities to take decisive leapes towards empoweermnet for revolt and justice.

The passive background forms are sampled from Retues graphs profits from the top three earners in the oil industry from July 2019 to March 2022: CHEVRN, EXXON, SHELL. It’s a daring move that highlights how profits are being made at the expense of our planet and its inhabitants through passive investment into oil and gas.

The NFT launch by Elijah McKenzie-Jackson goes beyond the realm of art, as it serves a purpose of creating a real-world impact. The artist’s motive is to utilize the proceeds from the sale of these distinct digital assets to fund civic art and activist initiatives that can bring about a positive change in society and the environment. The artist’s aim is to not only create thought-provoking artwork but also contribute to the advancement of activism and change-making efforts.

By taking this approach, McKenzie-Jackson is demonstrating his commitment to his vision and supporting the creation of more civic art and activists who share the same values of sustainability and social responsibility. This initiative highlights the power of art and its potential to bring about meaningful change in the world.

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Katie Morris

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