NHL to launch digital collectibles in partnership with Sweet marketplace


  • The National Hockey League entered into a multiyear partnership with Sweet to introduce a digital collectibles market.
  • On Sweet’s user-friendly site, new fans will quickly experience the thrill of purchasing, selling, collecting, and trading.
  • The NHL, NHLPA, and NHLAA have never collaborated before in a category-exclusive relationship to deliver NFTs in the form of memorabilia and current and historical video moments.

Last Thursday, the National Hockey League (NHL), along with its Alumni Association and Players’ Association, declared that it has entered into a multiyear partnership arrangement with NFT platform Sweet to introduce a digital collectibles market.

The NHL’s marketplace would include a full-fledged NFT trading platform and a website that enables momentary NFT drops, according to David Lehanski, the League’s executive vice president of business development and innovation.

The Sweet-operated NHL marketplace will focus on providing the entire community of NHL fans and collectors with a unique and advantageous engagement experience by allowing them to purchase, sell, collect, and trade never-before-offered artifacts of NHL history.

Beginning with the 2022–23 NHL season, Sweet will launch the stand-alone NHL platform, which will include iconic game elements in the form of non-fungible tokens and current and past moments.

The roadmap also provides specialty packs, gamified collection experiences, 3D interactive trophy rooms where users can display their collections, dynamic NFTs that change based on current team data, and more.

The category-exclusive agreement is the first time the NHL, NHLPA, and NHLAA have worked together to deliver NFTs in the form of recent and vintage video clips, collectibles, and memorable plays from throughout the League.

The collections are expected to include legendary historical highlights, cinematic, high-definition game highlights from previous and current NHL seasons, and various other cutting-edge features and functionality that will interest novice and seasoned NFT collectors.

First-time fans will find it simple to enjoy the thrill of buying, selling, collecting, and trading on Sweet’s user-friendly platform.

Fans can display their purchases in the marketplace through cutting-edge hockey experiences. Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet, said:

We’re honored to be partnering on an industry-first launch with an organization as globally renowned as the NHL. Working closely with the League and the Associations, we’ve curated some visually stunning action-packed moments, leveraging in-play gamification to create a genuinely engaging and unique relationship between collectibles and experiences.