OKX NFT Marketplace Sets New Standard in Daily Trading Volumes, Surpassing Blur and OpenSea


  • OKX NFT Marketplace, a subsidiary of the crypto exchange OKX, reached a monumental $50 million in trading volume within just 24 hours.
  • This significant achievement eclipsed the combined trading volumes of competitors Blur, Magic Eden, and OpenSea, which totaled around $24 million.
  • The surge in OKX NFT Marketplace’s trading activity follows its recent integration of Bitcoin Ordinals trading, marking a strategic and successful move.

The digital trading realm witnessed a significant shift as OKX NFT Marketplace, a renowned crypto exchange OKX subsidiary, soared to new heights in daily trading volumes. On December 18, this bustling marketplace registered an impressive $50 million in trades within 24 hours. This feat notably eclipsed the combined efforts of its closest competitors, Blur, Magic Eden, and OpenSea, who collectively achieved around $24 million in the same timeframe.

This remarkable surge in trading volume at OKX NFT Marketplace comes after its recent integration of Bitcoin Ordinals trading. This strategic move has catalyzed a spike in activity, aligning with broader market trends that saw a remarkable week for Bitcoin network sales. According to data from NFT tracker CryptoSlam, the Bitcoin network alone amassed a staggering $367 million in sales volume over the past week, outpacing the combined weekly books of Ethereum and Solana, which stood at $91 million.

The dominance of OKX NFT Marketplace on December 18 is a testament to its growing influence in the NFT sector. While the trading volume slightly dipped to $35 million later today, the platform’s performance remains a clear indicator of its emerging leadership.

Moreover, the broader NFT market is also witnessing a resurgence. November saw the collective volume of the NFT space approaching the $1 billion mark. Notably, the average value of NFT transactions in this period shot up by 114%, escalating from $126 to $270. This trend highlights growing confidence among traders, signalling a willingness to engage in higher-value exchanges compared to previous months.

OKX NFT Marketplace’s achievement is more than a mere numerical triumph. It underscores a shift in trader preference and market dynamics within the NFT space. As the marketplace continues to innovate and adapt, its impact on the digital trading landscape is poised to expand, marking a new era of NFT trading that aligns with evolving consumer behaviours and market trends.