Q+A Interview with Theresia Le Battistini, CEO and Founder of Fashion League

Please give us some background on Fashion League and what makes it unique.

As the first fashion world simulation mobile game using blockchain technology, our game is helping to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 through our diversity-focused foundations. Fashion League is where gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and brands can unite and together build a thriving metaverse centered around fashion and design.

Fashion League is all about enabling players to become virtual fashion designers and shop owners. Anyone has the ability to build and grow their own fashion empire, helping to create a more diverse ecosystem. Gamers can create designs where their imagination is the only limit, sell their clothing, style models, as well as attend fashion events and competitions while building collectively with the community. Players and brands can also co-create to see their designs produced in real-life. Free-to-play and play-and-own, players are rewarded through in-game participation to help create a blossoming metaverse for all.

In terms of what makes our project so unique, is that it is so much more than just a game aimed at women, Fashion League is an entire universe that integrates a brand’s assets directly into the gameplay, providing an exciting, social way for crypto, game, and fashion enthusiasts and newbies alike to unite, make connections with brands and create a flourishing ecosystem that all members can benefit from, both economically and creatively speaking. Providing an impressive return on investment thanks to its player-friendly ecosystem, Fashion League players will be able to use their minted NFT in the game and use it to buy, trade, stake and rent NFTs on the marketplace in the future.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your project launch? 

We hosted our first successful NFT mint in October 2022 with the aim of giving back to our community and enhancing our players’ experience. We dropped our Backstage Passes as free mints(excluding gas fees) to make Fashion League as inclusive as possible. Just last week, we launched Backstage Pass staking with lots of perks for our staked NFT holders. This included free future mints, royalty payments, and much more.

Our team is now working on delivering mobile-first early access in Q2-Q3 of 2023, and then moving toward mobile and PC in Q4 2024 across iOS and Android devices.

What are your upcoming plans for the project? Are current market conditions impacting your decision-making?

These current bear market conditions are the best time to build for the future, providing an excellent opportunity for Fashion League to create a stronger community and assets in the long run.  A bear market helps to provide clarity and focus on our vision for the project and consider what is important.

Where do you want to see Fashion League in 3 years’ time? 

Fashion League represents the future of fashion and an entirely new era of fashion gaming where both players and projects alike benefit through working collectively. This represents a fundamental shift away from the traditional gaming world, where the hierarchy in place ensures only those at the top will make gains, leaving gamers behind.

We want to continue to strengthen the community as we fully launch on both mobile and PC in 2024 and ultimately create an evergreen metaverse that offers invaluable partnership opportunities for everyone involved.

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