RadioShack joins Floki to utilize the FlokiFi Locker Protocol


  • FLOKI tokens worth $200,000 from the Floki treasury will be assigned to create the pool.
  • The tokens will be paired with another worth $200,000 RADIO tokens to build a liquidity pool of $400,000.
  • The pool will be finally burnt or locked with the FlokiFi Locker.

Floki has partnered with RadioShack to take forward the latter’s goal of becoming the major DeFi platform. The partnership will also enhance the Floki ecosystem and increase the usage of FlokiFi Locker protocol.

RadioShack is among the most famous brands across the world. While being at its best, it owned 4,300 stores with 2,000 plus independent franchises.

With sheer dedication towards DeFi and a strong will to rule the DeFi industry by taking on the big players, RadioShack has pivoted into crypto lately. 

Being a multi-chain protocol, it has a decentralized exchange and a collection of DeFi products. As of now, the newly launched DeFi is available on BSC, Polygon, ETH, and AVAX. Its current Total Value Locked is about $22 million, with an ATH TVL of $62 million. 

Blockchain security leader, Certik, which is also the security partner of Floki, has audited the RadioShack protocol. 

RadioShack has decided to use the FlokiFi Locker to secure Liquidity Pool tokens for projects listed on its DEX. Furthermore, every project listed on DEX of RadioShack will also be suggested to use FlokiFi Locker as the key Liquidity Pool token locker protocol.

To enhance its ecosystem’s growth, RadioShack has outlined a determined strategy for its DeFi platform besides huge funding. 

Here’s an example for better clarification.

RadioShack offers about $500,000 and even more as funds to allow projects to pair with an equal amount for the creation of an LP pool. This way, it enables listed projects to gain liquidity of $1 million or more.

To become tradable on RadioShack, Floki will build a pool on the RadioShack DEX as well as list the token on the platform.