Rarify partners with BitGo to give a better NFT Analytics System


  • Rarify and BitGo team up to give investors access to NFT analytics and give them an advantage
  • Rarify provides API-based NFT infrastructure making it easy for businesses to integrate NFT into their platforms.
  • BitGo is a market leader in digital asset custody and security solutions, which will provide 700 institutional clients access to useful NFT statistics.

 Rarify and Bitgo collaborate to provide investors with NFT Analytics and help them to gain an advantage.  

Rarify is a provider of API-based NFT infrastructure, making it simple for businesses to integrate NFT natively into their platforms. 

Leveraging Rarify’s Data API offerings, BitGo, the market leader in digital asset custody, liquidity, and security solutions, will give its 700 institutional clients access to useful NFT statistics. 

On their official Twitter handle, BitGo showed excitement about collaborating with RarifyTech. 

Through this relationship with Rarify, which provides integrated indexing of the top NFT marketplaces, BitGo will be able to offer its clients the most reliable and secure NFT solutions available. 

On the other hand, Rarify team is equally thrilled about the new relationship with BitGo

Twenty percent of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide are handled by BitGo, which also offers security to more than 700 institutions, including the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges over the globe.

The most precise information on any given NFT’s pricing history, ownership history, trade performance, volume, and authenticity across all marketplaces on the Ethereum and Polygon protocols can be accessed by developers and investors through Rarify’s Data API. 

Joe Kinney, the Product Manager at BitGo, said in context to the new partnership:

It’s essential to strengthen BitGo’s Wallet offering with metadata and insights for NFTs. Rarify provides holistic indexing of the leading NFT marketplaces, and this partnership allows BitGo to provide our clients with the most secure and robust NFT solutions on the market.

Rarify’s API solutions are made to enhance market intelligence. That will help companies and traders to understand the performance and history of NFT collections and individual items.

With the aim of drastically lowering the entry barrier for NFT technology and enabling businesses to engage in the new digital economy extensively.