Rent your store for KD 100 at the Middle East’s first metaverse mall!


  • Middle East’s first mall of the metaverse has 300 stores.
  • Each store is available for purchase on rent.
  • The Middle East is trying to keep its mall culture alive through technological advancements.

Featuring 300 stores, Middle East’s first mall steps on the metaverse. According to Kuwait Times, the mall is the initiative of a Kuwaiti entrepreneur.

The news was shared by Kuwait Times on Twitter:

One can rent a store for less than KD100 (BD122) monthly. They can use the My Mall App available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store to make the payment.

Since the pandemic hit the world, malls, too, got closer to counting their last breaths like many other things. As a result, corporations running these giant spaces realized the need to devise a solution to prevent human presence from fading in the malls.

Talking about the malls of the Middle East, they are wonderlands. They are a fantastic spectacle at the end of consumerism.

The Middle East’s first mall on the metaverse is a promising move. Opening a mall in the metaverse is a smart move to engage with the clients and serve them with necessities they are fond of. After all, there’s no denying that malls need to become experimental to survive.