RIU Hotels & Resorts Enters The World Of Metaverse


  • In AltSpace, The RIU Hotels & Resorts debuted technology combining physical activities with virtual delight when it opened its doors in the Metaverse.
  • Customers can now recreate this journey in the digital world by going to this renowned Madrid building.
  • From RIU’s perspective, the Metaverse represents the evolution of the internet as it is now and is simply a more immersive version of Web 3.0.

The RIU Hotels & Resorts first opened its doors in the Metaverse and introduced ground-breaking technologies that blend real-world activities with virtual enjoyment in AltSpace. They want to pioneer the Metaverse and experience everything it has to offer. As a result, it has chosen to launch in the virtual world with the famous hotel Riu Plaza Espaa.

Clients may now reproduce this trip in the virtual world by visiting this famous Madrid structure, which offers customers a wonderful experience in the actual world. The Metaverse is a new technology with a lot of promise, and RIU is convinced that it will eventually serve as the foundation for people’s and brands’ online presence.

The Metaverse is essentially a more immersive form of Web 3.0, representing the development of the internet as we know it today in RIU’s vision. It is also aware that this technology needs to advance and become more broadly accessible before it can take root and thrive like the internet and social media. With this as its guiding concept, RIU has begun exploring the Metaverse to meet user demands.

In addition to exploring the hotel’s many rooms and admiring its fine architectural elements in spaces like the lobby, guests can ascend to the rooftop terrace’s dizzying heights to view the glass balcony or walk across the walkway that dangles 100 meters above the ground. 

When all of this is happening online, it is still feasible to have fun. Users can pick up, open, and click on various parts, along with a few surprises. Even a surprise incentive can be given to the first visitors.

Joan Trian Riu, CED of RIU Hotels & Resorts, said:

We are very close to visitors being able to make a booking in the Metaverse with our receptionist by using voice commands. The virtual Riu Plaza España is a highly valuable asset for the RIU brand, and we are just beginning to see its true potential.