Rob McElhenney Presents WEB3 Writers Room With Ethereum NFTS


  • Adim is a new Web3 entertainment company from actor and creator Rob McElhenney.
  • The startup will have a decentralized writers’ room to create IP and share future royalties or revenue with NFT-holding co-creators.
  • Adimverse community members could fork characters created by users and build outward from the original Adim universe.

Rob McElhenney, actor and filmmaker from the popular TV series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” has plans to deploy the Web3 world with a vision to deploy the technology to co-create content and share in the valuable royalties ahead.

His new entertainment-tech company, Adim, will have him work with budding creators and develop new characters as well as story ideas. The “Adimverse” will span the original IP created by the participants, and those co-creators will benefit from future entertainment projects that tap into that IP.

In a release, McElhenney said:

Every beloved character throughout TV, movie, and gaming history has been imagined and brought to life through collaboration. Adim is building for the next evolution of these groups—communities of creators, writers, artists, designers, developers, fans, and friends working together to create and own a new generation of content.

Initially, 100 creators will be chosen from all applicants to join a virtual writer’s room along with McElhenney and TV writer Keyonna Taylor. Upon the end of each session, a Core Character NFT will be given to all the participants. The NFT will act as a share of ownership over the IP that was developed in that group.

Rob McElhenney announced through a tweet.

Adim has raised $5 million in seed funding in a round led by VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.

General Partner Chris Dixon tweeted about the funding.