RSK-built WakeUp Labs has partnered with Kilimo to offer tech infrastructure for NFTs certificate creation


  • Built on Rootstock, WakeUp Labs partners with Kilimo to provide the technology infrastructure for supporting the creation of NFT certificates.
  • Farmers’ water savings are going to be represented by an NFT, to be further allowed for purchases by firms to compensate for their water footprint.
  • The mechanism is intended to generate additional income for farmers who utilize irrigation facilities effectively.

WakeUp Labs, built on the safest smart contract, Rootstock, has recently entered a partnership with a leading digital platform for irrigation management in agriculture, Kilimo. The partnership is aimed at providing the tech-based infrastructure to facilitate the generation of water-saving certifications with the adequate utilization of NFTs

In basic terms, the water savings of farmers are going to be represented by an NFT that will further be allowed to be purchased by firms that intend to compensate for their water footprint. The role of WakeUp Labs would be to extend support to the creation of NFTs certificates that are going to be registered on the blockchain

As per the official press release, the mechanism adopted is expected to generate additional income for farmers who are using irrigation facilities efficiently. In addition, the NFT will be providing clear proof of the water savings attained. 

Kilimo, the other party involved in the partnership, holds the responsibility of verifying and helping in improving water consumption in agriculture. In addition, the platform reportedly makes use of technological advancements such as Machine Learning and Big Data to effectively utilize these resources in agriculture. 

The irrigation practices offered by Kilimo are utilized by over 2,000 farmers. As per the Founder of Kilimo, Jairo Trad, the tech-based solutions offered by Kilimo will allow farmers to acquire income for saving water while it will allow companies to offset their water footprint simultaneously.