RTFKT supports the University of Oregon with AR helmets


  • Division Street will donate earnings from AR helmet sales to the University of Oregon student-athletes.
  • The goal of this assignment is to help university athletes.
  • Buyers will also be able to design their genuine football jerseys.

Division Street will give the revenues and royalties from the RTFKT’s AR helmets and NFT collection sales to the University of Oregon’s student-athletes. To produce a limited-edition AR helmet NFT collection, RTFKT Studios and Division Street team together.

The project’s purpose is to assist the University of Oregon student-athletes. The companies created a collection of 291 digitally collectible AR helmets to help athletes promote their names, faces, and resemblances.

In a specific draw on December 20, owners of the RTFKT Clone X and Flying Formation NFT might be eligible to participate. An RTFKT account and a crypto wallet containing at least 0.75 ETH are also necessary for entrance. 

Each RTFKT account and wallet address could only have one entry. On December 21, 2021, winners were picked randomly and allowed to mint. 500 additional winners were added to the queue and permitted to mint. Although there was no public mint, members on the waitlist can still mint within the allotted period.

During the helmet-minting process, buyers will also be able to create a special 1/291 real football jersey. There is no actual parallel to the AR’s new helmet, the NFT.

The physical jerseys were made by Todd van Horne, who has been designing the Oregon football uniforms for 20 years. All of Horne’s earlier creations have been included in the limited-edition jersey pattern. 

There will be 10 digitally autographed Phil Knight helmets among the 291 AR helmets. Ten helmets will be produced on-chain during the private mint event at random. The buyers of the ten digitally signed helmets will also get authentic Phil Knight-signed jerseys.