Sexual harassment charges pressed by NFL Player against Everyrealm CEO


  • The CEO of Everyrealm, Janin Yorio, is accused by Teyo Johnson of inappropriate remarks regarding his employees’ sexual lives.
  • A former NFL player has sued the CEO of a virtual world company for sexual harassment, alleging that she compelled him to hook up with his colleagues.
  • Ms. Yorio made discriminatory comments toward black employees.

A former NFL player has accused the CEO of a metaverse enterprise of sexual misconduct, claiming she forced him to hook up with his teammates. Teyo Johnson, a Canadian soccer player who played for the Oakland Raiders from 2003 to 2004, has claimed that Everyrealm CEO Janin Yorio was a boss in a toxic working environment, using improper statements about staff members’ sex lives.

In this case, he also claims that Ms. Yorio directed racial remarks to black employees. Ms. Yorio and Everyrealm are being sued in federal district court in Manhattan. Paris Hilton, Will Smith, and The Weeknd are among the celebrities who have supported the firm.

In March, Mr. Johnson said that Ms. Yorio informed him of a sex-related activity in which she urged staff to participate. At the time, they were on a work trip to South By Southwest, a musical and technology event in Austin, Texas. 

In the lawsuit, Ms. Yorio told Mr. Johnson that a coworker on a work trip would lay the procedure for playing the game. The ex-footballer stated that Ms. Yorio was testing the waters by visiting his hotel, and she implied in hushed tones that she expected him to “cheat” and engage in the company’s knowing your staff act.

As per Mr. Johnson, his termination was due to his comments on a non-fungible token and a bitcoin gambling scheme. The press release contained a cryptocurrency version of fantasy sports in which users would acquire sets of NFTs picturing professional soccer decks of cards.

Customers allegedly put bitcoin into a pool, and if their NFT playing cards exceeded those of other players’, they would get monetary prizes. Everyrealm claims that Mr. Johnson publicly and frequently disrespected the mother of his kid and requested that Everyrealm pay a part of his income in cash to prevent arrest for child support payments in court papers.

The companies are also facing criminal charges of misbehavior from two more former employees.