SolSea NFT announces TrustWallet integration to safely explore crypto


  • SolSeaNFT announces Trust wallet integration.
  • Trust wallet stores BEP2, ERC721, and ERC20, among other tokens.
  • SolSea shares video tutorial for Trust wallet with Twitter followers.

Solans integrates Trust Wallet and finally brings it to platform. Trust Wallet helps users to safely explore the world of crypto. 

In fact, Trust Wallet claims to be a one-stop-shop wallet guaranteeing a secure way to deal with all-things-crypto. It further claims to be the best Ethereum and cryptocurrency wallet to store BEP2, ERC721, ERC20, and other tokens. 

Trust wallet basically allows you to buy crypto with a card, instantly do exchanges, see art & NFT in one place, buy Bitcoin instantly, DApp browser, staking coins, track charts and prices, earn interest in crypto, 4.5M+ assets supported, and prevention from scammers and hackers. 

It allows users to use their favourite decentralized apps and further find new ones, without having to leave their wallets. It seems to pack a lot of features that may ease the process of users’ cryptocurrency transactions.

SolSea has also published a short video tutorial online explaining how to buy an NFT on using Trust Wallet. The video basically walks you through the process in five simple and easy steps. 

Here are some instructions mentioned in the video tutorial:

  1. Open the trust wallet app on your phone.
  2. Go to the browser tab.
  3. Enter into the URL bar on top.
  4. Click the connect button and select Trust Wallet.
  5. Click Connect. 
  6. Now, your wallet gets connected to the website.

Well, there are many competitive crypto wallets making their way to the market these days and will grow more even as we speak. 

At the moment, TrustWallet seems to be quite promising for users, but only time will tell how secure and safe it really is.