Starbucks is ready with its blockchain platform and NFT community-Starbucks Odyssey


  • Today saw the official debut of Starbucks Odyssey, the coffee chain’s first application of web3 technology.
  • Members of Starbucks Rewards, the industry-leading program, can access Starbucks Odyssey using their login credentials.
  • A built-in marketplace allows users of the Starbucks Odyssey web app to purchase “limited-edition stamps” (NFTs).

The official launch of Starbucks Odyssey, the coffee chain’s first use of web3 technology, took place today. The website will go live later this year. Through the new experience, which combines the well-known Starbucks Rewards loyalty program with an NFT platform, users can earn and purchase digital assets that unlock exclusive experiences and rewards.

The company previously gave investors an indication about its web3 objectives by saying that it believed this new experience will build on the current Starbucks Rewards scheme, in which consumers earn “stars” that can be exchanged for perks like free coffee. 

Using their Starbucks Rewards login information, members can access Starbucks Odyssey, an expansion of the market-leading Starbucks Rewards program. After logging in, users can go on Starbucks Odyssey “journeys,” a series of interactive games and challenges designed to help users learn more about coffee and Starbucks. Members will receive a digital collectible “travel stamp” as compensation for completing journeys.

The Starbucks Odyssey web app experience has a built-in marketplace where members may buy “limited-edition stamps” (NFTs). All members will be able to immediately purchase limited-edition stamps using a credit card.Β 

No bitcoin or crypto wallet will be needed, making the Starbucks Odyssey experience fun and simple way for customers to access this cutting-edge technology and stake their claim to Starbucks loyalty.

Adam Brotman, who developed the Starbucks app and the company’s Mobile Order & Pay system, was hired by Starbucks to serve as a special advisor on the undertaking. On Starbucks Odyssey, Brotman’s group worked with Forum3 co-founder Brotman as well as the company’s internal marketing, loyalty, and technology teams.

Brady Brewer, CMO of Starbucks, told TechCrunch that although the business has been researching blockchain technologies for a while, it had just been working on this particular project for around six months. He claimed that the company intended to invest in this area, but not as a “filler” side project like many other companies do. Instead, it looked for a plan to improve operations and expand its current loyalty program.