Starlink to celebrate first birthday on the Metaverse arena on July 2


  • Starlink will be celebrating a 1-year birthday bash on July 2.
  • The event will be organized in the STARL Metaverse arena for a 3hr dance party.
  • The STARL metaverse has been featured as a top key project in the NFT market.

Starlink is a fully decentralized project which is moving by the community and will be celebrating its 1-year birthday bash. Recently with their 82k Twitter fans, the announcement was shared over the official Twitter handle. 

The platform invited everyone to join them in this celebration of the birthday bash. The event is happening for the celebration of the Starlink project turning 1. The celebration will be on Saturday, July 2, 2022, 0217-0517 UTC. 

Everyone can join them with their friends and family in the STARL Metaverse arena for a 3-hour of dance party with DJ Plxelnaut. Also, there will be all day of community love, reveals, contests, and prizes.  

It was seen that the fans were very much excited about the event and just couldn’t wait to experience the auspicious occasion. If you want to witness the event, you can download the link from the Twitter handle.

The STARL metaverse has been featured as a top key project in the NFT market study as per a report shared by a news agency named Digital Journal.   

The project is fully decentralized. LEASH deployer accidentally launched $STARL, and he turned it into a community-owned project. No one can sell pre-mined tokens because there are no development tokens, and the initial liquidity has been burned. SAFU, as the name suggests.

The first decentralized virtual space development project, StarLink, is entirely community-owned and managed through the DAO. $STARL is a governance token of the StarLink Ecosystem. 

The Ethereum main net now supports the STARL token. Be careful not to buy any other tokens that use a different smart contract than the original one (as it can be easily faked). 

Throughout the launch, we warn you to take precautions and maintain your safety. Don’t let your excitement overwhelm you.