‘The Infinite Machine’, Crypto Film has Now Added a Touch of Metaverse


  • The Infinite Machine has brought on board Decentraland and Lumiere to add metaverse component.
  • Shyam Madiraju will direct the movie with Scott, Tom Moran and Vera Meyer of Scott Free producing, together with Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment.
  • As per the executive manufacturer of The Infinite Machine and its NFT collection the movie will broadcast the ethereum´s community capacity to mainstream audiences.

To develop metaverse and NFT angles for its current project, The Infinite Machine, Versus Entertainment has welcomed on board Decentraland and Lumiere.

Versus, on its official website, has shared a brief detail about The Infinite Machine project.

A film adapted from Camilla Russo’s book with the same title, The Infinite Machine is being produced by Versus with Scott Free, Ridley Scott’s production company. Based on the controversial co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, the movie depicts his story.

Decentraland runs a virtual world that deploys open-source technology, allowing it to be expanded by member users. The platform is also owned and operated by the same users, using blockchain and not by any parent company.

As per the agreement between Versus and Decentraland, both the film and its NFT collection will be developed and integrated into the Decentraland metaverse. As far as Lumiere is there, the Hong-Kong and Singapore-based entertainment specialist is developing and integrating the experience of the film as well keeping the audiences intact with the Decentraland metaverse.

The Infinite Machine is likely to conduct its 3rd round of NFT problems in the coming months, which will make it the first-ever NFT-financed movie.

Alejandro De Grazia, head of movie and homeentertainment at Decentraland Foundation, said:

We are actually proud that a business such as Lumiere and as crucial a movie as ‘The Infinite Machine’ haveactually picked Decentraland to construct their experience in order to communicate with its neighborhood fan base. The link inbetween motionpictures, their neighborhoods and the Metaverse is currently takingplace.

Patrice Poujol, CEO of Lumiere, said:

This is a case that can change how the whole market establishes and promotes its material to its fans and audiences.