The Lovechain, in partnership with Bitmart, calls out social media giants in token presale

Sydney, Aug. 16, 2022 — The Lovechain is a major Web3-based disruptor in the social media space that gives users ownership over their data and is the first in the world to enable them to create nonfungible tokens (NFTs) from the content they post.

With the app now in closed beta, the company’s upcoming token presale will provide investors with an opportunity to obtain early access to this exciting new project that will revolutionize the social media landscape.

The presale metrics:

  • Presale registration is live and will end on Aug. 18, 2022 at August at 2 pm UTC.
  • Base price: $0.32 per Lovechain Token (LOV)
  • Minimum purchase amount during presale: $100
  • Maximum purchase amount during presale: $300
  • Purchase LOV with Tether (USDT).
  • Circulating supply: 180,000.

How to buy:

  • Register here.
  • Receive an email confirming the registration.
  • When the registration period ends, receive an email to proceed with the purchase on BitMart’s launchpad.

About LOV

LOV is a BEP-20-compliant token powered by the BNB Smart Chain. For further details, please refer to its token sale terms and conditions and privacy policy.
About The Lovechain platform:

The Lovechain is a new Web3 social media platform built on the Algorand blockchain, that celebrates all the people and things it loves and is on a mission to make NFT minting, sharing and monetization as easy as possible for artists and creators.

On The Lovechain, users can:

  • Create decentralized storage of their memories
  • Be rewarded for their participation
  • Turn their content into NFTs and sell it on NFT marketplaces, including their own — a feature currently in development.
  • Have ownership of their data, decide whether they want to share it with advertisers or not and be rewarded with tokens if they do.

Aiming to draw users from social media giants that are fed up with their data being monetized for the profit of big corporations, The Lovechain empowers users to decide the extent of their interaction with the platform.

The Lovechain has been built on a decentralized network to satisfy the core objectives of giving members ownership of data and allowing users to have a voice on the platform.

The Lovechain will also have its own e-commerce marketplace where the reward tokens, LOVR, can be exchanged for goods and services in real life, becoming the first e-commerce store in the world focused on the love economy, which is in excess of $400 billion per annum and growing.

Find more information about The LoveChain platform here:

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