The NFT Project Decentralizing the Way We Consume Media

The way we consume media has completely changed in the last twenty years. Now more than ever, individuals are turning to the internet for news and daily information about the world. While many may believe it’s only millennials or Gen Z actively using social media and the internet for their information, a recent study found that at least 50% of American adults ‘often’ get their news from social media.

We Consume Media

The unfortunate truth about the platforms listed, specifically Facebook and Twitter, is that they’re owned and governed by those with their political and financial agendas as the top priority, not the platforms. It can be argued that a company can operate however they see fit. However, when a few select platforms have a monopoly on the information that over half of the US populace receives, it begins to become a concern.

Blockchain technology has a multitude of benefits for our society, the main one being trustless environments. Trustlessness means you don’t need to trust an emotional individual but instead smart contracts with clearly defined rules. Web2 platforms, such as Facebook, are inherently ‘trusting’ platforms. Users must trust the company that they’re not optimizing for content that invokes fear, worry, or concern in their userbase, even if they know that get’s the most engagement. 

No individual can confirm whether they are doing this or not, hence the word trust. So what if we could have a media platform where no trust was needed and the political or financial agenda of the platforms ‘creators’ did not matter? One project making that a reality is  MICEMedia, the decentralized media distribution platform sharing ideology through NFTs. The founder, Bryn Davis, was tired of woke cancel culture ruining his right to free speech and consumption, setting out on a quest to eradicate this disease poisoning our society once and for all.

The MICEMedia platform was the result of that journey and is built on two core principles:

MICE holders fundamentally shaping the direction of the platform

MICE is the NFT collection attached to the media network and essential to the project’s success. It is a collection of 10,000 unique MICE prepared to fight the culture war and elevate the standards of NFT communities. The MICE persona represents your Web3 personality and grants certain privileges to holders within MICEMedia.

MICE NFT holders will play a core role in shaping MICEMedia, being able to participate in governance votes and affect media distribution. Each MICE will represent someone’s identity and fully encompass their Web3 personality, which I’ll touch on below.

The fact that MICE is the first ideologoical NFT collection and Bryn Davis isfocused on battling “woke” culture cannot affect the platform and simply doesn’t matter. When you have unbiased technology like smart contracts governing how media is distributed, a platform can’t push a particular agenda on purpose. A decentralized governance system doesn’t know the difference between liberal and conservative; it only knows its collective actions.

Decentralized media distribution 

The governance system is what brings us to how you actually achieve a platform with decentralized media distribution. The MICEMedia network will not rely on centralized platforms to distribute its media. Instead, Media is aggregated through unfiltered news story sequences, community influencer contributions, and community editorial and commentary pieces. These features are all trickle-down effects of how the platform is run through MICE holders.

Each one of the 10,000 MICE holders will collectively act as a DAO, deciding what media is pushed whilst adhering to general content guidelines. This new approach to media uses a unique model of creating a community and functional scarcity through traditional NFTs and then building the network on top of that existing community instead of the other way around.

In media today, almost everyone is either left or right leaning. This must be stated as it addresses a constant question posed. How will the platform remain unaffected by bad actors if it’s genuinely decentralized? That’s where the MICE steps in. Not only do MICE act as the community holding the platform together, but they also automatically filter out bad actors that wouldn’t belong in any community. For bad actors to attempt to take control over the network, they would have to own a considerable amount of the MICE in circulation, which we don’t see as possible. 

To sum up, MICEMedia has no top-down governance. It’s built, governed, and owned by the MICE, not the man. Ultimately, their goal is to tether real-life value to digital tokens, MICE, and reward loyal community members with a chance to partake in the first decentralized digital media platform. 

Bryn Davis firmly believes that the next great media platform will come from within the Web3 space, and it might just be MICEMedia.

So what are you waiting for? Join the MICEMedia family on Twitter and Discord, and prepare to fight for your freedom of speech.

If not you, then who else?

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