The Story Behind Ares NFT

Since time immemorial, stories have been one of the things that connect people and help them have a sense of belonging to a particular course.

That’s why we deemed it fit to share with you the story that brought Ares NFT to life.

Ares NFT arises as a game-changing force, transcending the limitations of traditional assets. More than a collection of digital collectibles, it is a narrative, a journey, and an embodiment of inspiration. 

Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower young visionaries, the architects of great ideas, by investing in their dreams. 

The proceeds from our NFT initiative serve as the cornerstone of turning this vision into a tangible reality.

Let’s dig deep into the wonderful story behind Ares NFT, shedding light on how it breathes life into ambitious dreams and fuels the engines of innovation.

A Mythical Inspiration

Rooted in the myth of Ares, the Greek god of war, Ares NFT draws inspiration from his timeless ability to triumph in conflicts. 

Ares wasn’t just a deity invoked in times of war but also in personal struggles, offering strength to individuals battling their adversities. 

Like the god he’s named after, Ares NFT aims to rise victorious from the daily battles young entrepreneurs face.

Ares Corporation was born in 2019 from the mind of a creative founder, Shazane Nazaraly, known for transforming audacious visions into tangible reality. 

It is a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and a tribute to those who dare to change the world. Ares NFTs are not just digital art; they are keys to a community and an invitation to be part of something extraordinary.

Our Vision

Ares Corporation places unwavering faith in the potential of young minds, their boundless creativity, and the transformative impact of their ideas. The proceeds from our NFT initiative fuel our commitment to invest in these visionaries. 

True innovation involves bold thinking and proactive action, breaking barriers and paving the way to a brighter future. 

Our visionary team sees Ares Corporation as a driving force that transcends industries, introducing fresh approaches and leaving no corner of the world untouched.

Yet, Ares NFT offers more than a digital snapshot; it signifies an investment in a journey, an invitation to join a dedicated community, and an opportunity to shape the future.

Unveiling the Challenges

Despite their ingenuity, young entrepreneurs often encounter formidable obstacles in realizing their ideas. More resources and adequate support are needed to ensure their progress. 

The repercussions of COVID-19 have intensified these challenges, leading to heightened youth unemployment, disrupted education, financial instability, and emotional turmoil.

Nevertheless, the youth persevere, forging ahead with groundbreaking concepts and business models. 

The hunger for innovation among young people has reached unprecedented levels, with many aspiring to launch their businesses and embracing risk to succeed.

Ares Corporation’s Solutions

Ares Investment is a steadfast ally for those who dare to dream and envision novel solutions. The profits generated from our NFT collection become the motivation for fueling the ambitions of these young visionaries. 

Our focus is on those who require that extra push, offering financial guidance and genuine support to navigate the intricate business world.

More funding often stands as the Achilles’ heel of young startups, and Ares Corporation seeks to bridge this gap by supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. 

We are guided by the values of Ares, the Greek God of War – honor, resilience, determination, strength, and loyalty. These principles shape every facet of our project.

Above all, Ares NFTs symbolize the spirit of innovation and the belief that creativity and commitment can reshape the world. They offer a sense of belonging, connecting our members with the essence of one of history’s greatest warriors – Ares.

In the words of Shazane Nazaraly, “Success requires intensity, and those who persist are called crazy.” 

Ares Corporation transforms raw talent into tangible success stories, granting everyone the opportunity to seize control of their destiny without compromise.

The Rising of A New Dawn

Owning an Ares NFT is more than a digital transaction; it’s an initiation into a warrior world. Members of this select group are living proof that innovation and inspiration are not mutually exclusive. 

Goals once deemed unattainable suddenly become tangible as Ares NFT holders join the ranks of visionaries. Ares app is a powerful tool designed to simplify and streamline the Ares experience.

Ares NFT has 7,313 unique rare collectible. These digital treasures are more than mere tokens; they are an invitation to a place where innovation meets inspiration, where the impossible becomes achievable.


By acquiring an Ares NFT, you become a member and contribute to a significant movement.

Ares NFT stands as proof of the enduring spirit of Ares, the Greek God of War, reminding us that even in the digital age, resilience and strength remain unshaken.

Join us on this epic journey, and together, we shall conquer new frontiers of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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