Timberland Takes Boot Innovation to the Metaverse via Fortnite Island


  • Timberland takes a giant step into the metaverse as a part of its innovative ongoing CONSTRUCT: 10061 programs.
  • Fortnite users can take a glimpse behind Timberland’s innovation by visiting a virtual design lab based within a custom island.
  • The announcement signals a further move into the metaverse from Timberland.

Timberland, the footwear brand, has begun its metaverse journey via the launch of its semiannual CONSTRUCT: 10061 design program within Fortnite. The reason behind this is engaging customers in an updated product design process that combines physical experiences with virtual ones. The experience is a result of a partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and the CONCEPTKICKS Innovation platform.

The news was announced on Twitter by HYPEX:

Within CONSTRUCT: 10061 Fortnite, Timberland fans can experience:

  • Timberland Design Lab and Maker Space in Fortnite, which provides insight into the real-world design process through a virtual experience;
  • Meta Design Workshop, which displays the work of designers from Timberland’s Advanced Concepts and Energy (ACE), CONCEPTKICKS, and CONSTRUCT: 10061 teams besides innovators from BeyondCreative;
  • Timberland Parkour Trails provides an immersive gaming experience set within a custom Timberland Fortnite island and features Arctic, Desert, and Forest biomes;
  • Metaboots, which were created in high fidelity and are also accessible in AR;
  • Prototype boots in eight designs from an in-real-life workshop were scanned and organized against biome-inspired backdrops.

Timberland launched the CONSTRUCT: 10061 Fortnite experience at its Milan flagship during the 2022 Milan Design Week, June 6-12.

Visitors were able to experience physical prototypes, observe live gameplay and engage in the real-time creation of a fifth Metaboot within Fortnite. Renowned Fortnite player and creator Ali SypherPK Hassan was brought on to collaborate on the CONSTRUCT: 10061 Fortnite experience.

Drieke Leenknegt, CMO at Timberland, in a statement said:

Timberland was built on a foundation of footwear innovation; our partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine allows us to explore new dimensions as we envision the future of boot making and boot culture. We’ve brought the collaboration model into the metaverse by inviting innovators such as Daniel Bailey, Zixiong Wei, and Aisha Kujk to co-create Metaboots with our own ACE designers in Fortnite. At the same time, we’re inviting consumers into the world of design innovation with an amazing Fortnite experience. The possibilities to connect in the metaverse are endless.