Tron DAO Founder says USDD doesn’t rely on any banking rail


  • Tron DAO founder H.E. Justin Sun said USDD doesn’t rely on any banking rail.
  • USDD revealingly doesn’t collect any personal information related to the user.
  • Justin Sun addressed the fact that Tron’s balance sheets are strong.

H.E. Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron DAO, stated in a recent revelation that there is one most important difference between USDD, USDC, and all the other regulatory stablecoin. USDD does not just rely on any of the banking rails.   

Justin Sun addressed the fact that USDD does not collect any user’s information so that their privacy remains intact and unharmed. Tron has a completely decentralized but, at the same time, safer mechanism that guarantees the stability of the stablecoin itself.

The statement was made in the context of the recent fallout of UST. Also, he added as a reserve, Tron currently has USDT, USDC, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Currently, the model is a full hybrid, and Tron will gradually change the collateral ratios depending on the market situation. 

Tron plans to accumulate more USDD if the market falls and issue them back when the market seems stable and sell a few of their reserves to prepare for future market volatility. One of the most crucial things for the Tron reserve is the decentralization of USDD.  

The remark was made on seeing the conditions of LUNA that happened in the month of May. The market made LUNA panic, and it got fallen into that spiral. 

On the other hand, USDD is not coming into the trap and is very strong as it’s backed by different kinds of stablecoins, unlike LUNA, which was only pegged with UST. However, as revealed, Tron’s balance sheet and reserves are very strong, and the network has a robust use case from which the company processes over $10 billion of stablecoins daily.

The biggest concern the crypto market is facing at the moment is the spread of misleading information. 

The threats posed by the circulation of false information are similar to that of scams, hacks, or cyberattacks, as they harm not just the reputation of the industry but also every individual member of the community. 

Keeping this in mind, Tether took it to Twitter to share its intentions to combat false information to preserve the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s reputation.