University of Tokyo will offer courses in the Metaverse by the end of 2022


  • Considering the shortage of skilled workers in advanced technologies in Japan, the University of Tokyo will offer courses in the metaverse.
  • During the past few months, a number of metaverse applications have been launched in the country.
  • Apart from educating high school students and adult learners, efforts will be made to attract more & more women students.

Todai or the University of Tokyo will begin offering various courses in the metaverse by the end of 2022. 

The Asahi Shimbun, a local news outlet has disclosed that these courses will be meant for students of high school as well as grownup learners. 

According to the publication, the metaverse courses will operate under the university’s faculty of engineering and engineering-based graduate schools. Upon completing the courses, students will get certificates. 

The reason behind launching the project is nothing but the inadequately skilled workers in Japan’s advanced technology and digital transformation sector.

University officials believe that studying in the metaverse will allow people of every age, gender, residence and social status to learn about engineering and information science.

Though certain blockchain-themed courses will include NFTs, there was no specific mention about them as one of the courses that will be offered. As NFTs are discussed simultaneously with metaverse,  a number of people will be interested in learning about NFTs. Of course, there’s no denying to the rising number of metaverse brands. 

Junior-high and high-school students will have an insight on the introductory view of the space. Moreover, they will learn about the roadmaps that will lead them towards finding work in science, engineering and similar fields. 

Opportunities to reskill or upskill through online courses based on AI and future communication tech as well as entrepreneurial education will be imparted to students at the university as well as those belonging to the workforce.

As engineering is a field that lacks representation from women, efforts to attract more women towards the programs will be there as well. 

In Japan, a support group, JACFA,  launched a digital support room in the Second Metaverse platform. The group reintegrates people back into the society who otherwise refuse to leave their homes. 

A total of 3,800 students from 29 trade schools like technology, beauty, sports, hospitality and more, conducted their 2022 commencement ceremony in the metaverse.