VanEck Ventures into NFT with SegMint Launch


  • VanEck, a global asset management powerhouse, unveils SegMint, a cutting-edge digital asset management platform coupled with an NFT marketplace.
  • SegMint introduces the “Lock & Key” model, revolutionizing the sharing of ownership and access to self-custodied assets in a secure manner.
  • With a focus on user-friendliness, SegMint aims to democratize access to digital finance, catering initially to crypto-native users while eyeing broader accessibility in the future.

VanEck, a prominent name in global asset management, has ventured into the digital realm with the launch of SegMint, a pioneering digital asset management platform coupled with an NFT marketplace. The platform’s primary objective is to facilitate the seamless sharing of access and ownership of self-custodied assets, marking a significant advancement in the evolving digital finance landscape.

SegMint introduces an innovative model named “Lock & Key,” devised to address the challenge of securely sharing access and ownership within self-custodied assets. The model enables users to securely distribute access and ownership of assets to others while retaining control. Founder of SegMint, Matt Bartlett, elucidated, “We identified a significant pain point in the digital assets ecosystem—the challenge of sharing access and ownership in a self-custody world.”

The core concept behind the “Lock & Key” model revolves around users issuing keys to a secure vault. This mechanism creates a secure vault wherein digital assets can be stored, and keys can be effortlessly issued to grant shared ownership without compromising security—a feat previously unattainable in traditional financial paradigms.

Initially targeting crypto-native users well-versed in blockchain technology, VanEck envisions making SegMint accessible to a broader audience, striving to ensure user-friendliness for all. Bartlett anticipates heightened interest from European and Asian markets, although access may be initially limited to specific regions. VanEck’s foray into digital asset management follows its significant involvement in traditional finance’s crypto domain. The firm, with almost seven decades of experience, embarked on its NFT journey in May 2022, culminating in the recent launch of SegMint alongside its participation as one of the ten issuers of a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund earlier this year, eliciting substantial investor demand. As SegMint unfolds its potential in the digital asset landscape, it heralds a new era of accessibility and security in self-custodied asset management, underlining VanEck’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving financial ecosystem.