XT.COM announces partnership with TodayNFTNews media


  • Crypto exchange XT.COM announces partnership with TodayNFTNews.
  • The exchange has accepted TodayNFTNews as a media partner, adding to the list of the news platform’s partnership list.
  • XT.COM is the latest addition to the list of TodayNFTNews’ partners, including CoincheckUp, CoinCodex, CoinStats, and many more.

We are more than excited to bring to your notice that XT.COM has agreed to the collaboration of accepting TodayNFTNews as a media partner for the exchange. The partnership is announced to take place in the name of the celebration of its 4th year anniversary. 

XT.COM is a leading name in the crypto industry as it has constantly been expanding its ecosystem and has emerged as a standard for exchanges to provide users with the most secure, hassle-free, and trusted asset trading services.

As revealed, XT.com is giving away 20,000 SHIB tokens for this collaboration to the users of TodayNFTNews.

In addition to this, it should be emphasized that being the world’s first social-infused digital assets trading platform, XT.COM extends support to transactions based on social networking platforms. This ultimately helps in making their crypto services even more accessible to users around the globe. 

It has come as a piece of great news for TodayNFTNews as XT.COM, the crypto exchange founded back in 2018 and serving over 6 million registered users, is yet another addition to the list of exchanges already partnered with the news platform. 

TodayNFTNews has emerged as the leading provider of the latest happenings surrounding the crypto and NFT space. Top crypto firms, such as CoinCheckUp, Binance, CoinCodex, and CoinStats, have already shown their trust in the news platform. 

The partnership between XT.COM and TodayNFTNews aims to extend support to the XT NFT Marketplace and equip people with all the information and latest happenings they are required to be aware of. 

What’s further in this news to take away with you is that XT.COM is celebrating its 4th anniversary on September 26, 2022. The exchange is bringing a prize pool of a whopping $1 million and is organizing a party of 15 days for all. 

Get your hands on the latest updates related to XT.COM on TodayNFTNews, as we have got you covered. So stay tuned with TodayNFTNews and never miss an update from the leading exchange and the overall NFT space.