Yield Monitor integrates the DeFiChain blockchain to provide investors with details on its on-chain metrics


  • DeFiChain (DFI) blockchain integration was announced by Yield Monitor, a multi-chain portfolio tracker for DeFi investors.
  • DefiChain joins the network that have been added to the Yield Monitor database,including Algorand, Avalanche,Binance ,Ethereum, Fantom & Polygon.
  • The DeFiChain is the top blockchain on the Bitcoin network in the world.

A multi-chain portfolio tracking database toolbox called Yield Monitor is available to DeFi investors & developers .Through wallet tracking & visual graphing tools,it provides diverse asset , liquity pool & yield farm performance data.

“We were impressed with the quick development Yield Monitor has shown, especially with a small staff. This demonstrates the calibre of their offering and their commitment to creating a solid database infrastructure basis. We can’t wait to watch the things they are planning to provide DeFi investors and how useful they will be in creating a fully accessible,DeFiChain will play a significant part in the multichain DeFi community, remarked Mark Pedevilla (News Anchor and DeFiChain Ambassador).

Users will be able to learn more about the DeFiChain on-chain metrics thanks to the integration.Investors and developers will be able to route cross chain transactions to maximise pricing and efficiency as well as track assets kept in wallets on the DeFiC hain blockchain.

Christophe Dupont, CEO of Yield Monitor started :

We are overjoyed to be developing a connection with the DeFiChain company. The community has a strong commitment to and interest in the many builders and creators who add value to the ecosystem. We are excited to start adding DeFiChain to our database because it is a pleasure.establishing long-term partnerships with DFI investors and current teams in the upcoming months.

The DeFiChain open-source blockchain project aims to provide universally accessible, quick, intelligent, and transparent decentralised financial services. A community of developers supports a global team of core contributors who make up the project DeFi is not fully Turing.

DeFiChain transactions having a reduced risk, flow swiftly and easily, and have cheap gas costs errors in smart contracts.