82% Of Women Who Own Cryptos Are Likely to Purchase Them Again

  • Bakkt has released a study on “Women & Crypto” that provides information based on women’s awareness regarding cryptocurrency.
  • They discovered that 82% of women that already own cryptocurrency will most probably purchase it again.
  • The study also stated that once women enter the crypto universe, the gender knowledge gap decreases.

Bakkt Holding, Inc. is a trusted digital platform that lets customers purchase, send, sell and spend a good amount of digital assets. They have released a study on “Women & Crypto”, which is based on women’s attitude and awareness towards cryptocurrency. The study is based on both the women that own and do not own cryptocurrency. Apart from that, it also shows how the attitude of women differs from that of men owning cryptocurrency.

Almost every individual agrees that crypto is strong for men. But the male gender association created a barrier for the women that do not crypto.  The main barriers that have stopped women from purchasing and owning cryptocurrency is that:-

  • They do not know how to get started. (52%)
  • They don’t understand the concept of crypto utility. (52%)
  • They don’t have an extra fund to invest. (49%)

The knowledge gap that exists between the women that don’t own cryptocurrency is understandable and significant. 70% of women rate their knowledge regarding cryptocurrency very low, as for men, 13% rate their knowledge as low.

Women that own cryptocurrency rate their knowledge regarding crypto higher than 50%. This suggests that even investing a little in cryptocurrency can increase your knowledge. Once women will start purchasing any level of cryptocurrency, the gender knowledge gap will be narrowed.

According to the study, both men and women that owned cryptocurrency invested mostly in Bitcoin, Ethereum, followed by Dogecoin. And then a number of other coins.

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