After Argentina’s historic win, sales of World Cup fan tokens and NFTs spikes


  • Argentina defeated France in the FIFA Global Cup final of 2022 in Qatar. After that, there are enormous resales of Messi NFTs happening on the Ethernity NFT marketplace.
  • According to token tracking website FanMarketCap, the 24-hour trading volume for ARG topped at $40 million.
  • France did not have a country fan token, and no fan token activity was reported following the World Cup.

Everyone around the globe is discussing who won the football world cup, and the cryptocurrency sector isn’t far behind, conversing in its own language of trading and profiting. Argentina defeated France in the FIFA Global Cup final of 2022 in Qatar to win the title of world soccer champion

Argentina-related NFTs have also enjoyed a boost. The Argentine Football Association (ARG) fan token quickly surged after the victory from $4.01 to a high of $5.02 within an hour before gradually declining practically hourly over the following 24 hours to its current price of under $3.00. During the World Cup, the ARG token experienced significant volatility as Argentina suffered its sole defeat against Saudi Arabia.

In addition to post-World Cup fan token activity, Argentina-related NFTs have also witnessed a surge since the triumph. The Messi Time Machine Collection, Messi’s second official NFT collection with NFT marketplace Ethernity, has experienced a lot of resale activity over the last 24 hours. According to Ethernity, traffic to its marketplace quadrupled yesterday.

According to OpenSea, the trading volume of the ‘Lionel Messi: The King Piece’ NFT has reached approximately 40 ETH in the last seven days. This represents a 4,292% gain over the previous week.

Marketplace consumers appeared to gobble up these NFTs the night before the game, resulting in a volume increase of more than 28 ETH in less than 24 hours. A 13% spike in trade volume can be witnessed in the previous 24 hours following the triumph.

Ethernity even held a fantasy sports-style bracket contest for community members to see who could make the most correct predictions. The top three players will get a prize pool of 1000 ERN, Ethernity’s native token, while the remaining participants will receive a genuine sports shirt.

According to the Chiliz FAQ, the ARG and PSG fan tokens are issued using Chiliz’s Socios platform and live on Chiliz’s permission sidechain, which forked from Ethereum.

While fan tokens may serve a more speculative function, those exchanged through the Socios network provide holders with access to goods and ticket promotions, as well as the ability to vote on club reforms. The coins are not available and do not trade on public Ethereum.