Alpine Race Day collectibles to go live on Binance in April 2023


  • Alpine Race Day collectibles will be available on Binance in April 2023.
  • Along with the BWT Alpine F1 Team, Alpine Fan Token was released a year ago.
  • At each Formula One Grand Prix, 6,000 Alpine Race Day Collectibles will be made available to the general market.

After launching the Alpine Fan Token with the BWT Alpine F1 Team more than a year ago, the Alpine team is releasing the newest addition to the Alpine Fan Token ecosystem. According to sources, Alpine Race Day collectibles will be available in April 2023 on Binance, the behemoth cryptocurrency exchange. These collectibles will provide the purchaser access to once-in-a-lifetime encounters.

These encounters include traveling to Alpine’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and France, taking part in one-of-a-kind driving opportunities, and even meeting Alpine drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

According to the company, most Alpine fans were previously unable to participate in these events. Nevertheless, with the help of fan tokens, users can elevate their involvement with their preferred F1 team to a whole new level.

The team will make a new collectible available for every Formula One race in 2023, beginning with the Australian Grand Prix on April 2 and continuing until the completion of the season. As a result, fans may anticipate the introduction of a corresponding Alpine Race Day collectible for each Grand Prix, according to their report.

In addition, each digital collectible will reportedly contain eye-catching artwork and design, making it an absolute need for every real fan to own it. Further, fans can look forward to receiving one-of-a-kind prizes when they purchase Alpine Race Day collectibles, in addition to the enjoyable experience of collecting these stunning assets.

The team states that Alpine Race Day Collectibles will be made available to the general public in quantities of 6,000 for each Formula One Grand Prix. Six unique, non-faction-transferable items will be designated as Super Super Rare (SSR) and connected to the weekend’s incentives. 

There also will be no additional charge for distributing these SSR NFTs among the 6,000 collectors, and there will be no option for users to choose which collectors get them.