Animoca Brands and TinyTap partner up to create the first NFTs for education


  • Publisher non-fungible tokens have been introduced by Animoca Brands and TinyTap, a company that supports gaming and metaverse intellectual rights.
  • The firms believe that the auction of the Publisher NFTs is the first step in creating a new, decentralized educational system.
  • Publisher NFTs is a brand-new service part of TinyTap’s Web3 strategy.

Publisher non-fungible tokens have been introduced by Animoca Brands, a corporation that promotes intellectual property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, and its subsidiary TinyTap, the top platform for user-generated educational games (NFTs). Each Publisher NFT is connected to a collection of interactive lessons, games, and other resources developed by educators on the TinyTap platform (the “Platform”). On November 2, 2022, at 11 p.m. (UTC), six Publisher NFTs will be auctioned on OpenSea.

TinyTap was purchased by Animoca Brands earlier this year (see the announcement of 16 June 2022). With the help of TinyTap’s code-free platform, instructors can now produce interactive instructional content they can share with others and earn money from when students utilize it. 

Animoca Brands and TinyTap are currently implementing a Web3 strategy to increase the potential for educators worldwide to profit from the content they produce and give parents better learning options for their kids.

The auction of the Publisher NFTs, in the opinion of the firms, is the first step toward developing a new, decentralized educational system that somewhat supports and rewards teachers using Web3 technology.

Because they receive a portion of the platform’s subscription revenue, teachers on TinyTap are already compensated for their valuable content creation. Publisher NFTs are one of the different types of business models that Web3’s intellectual property rights have made possible.

As a new service, Publisher NFTs are a component of TinyTap’s Web3 approach. A Course is a collection of instructional games made on the Platform by one teacher in a particular field, and each Publisher NFT symbolizes co-publishing rights to that Course. By acting as co-publishers to market and promote the related Courses and share in the profits made from co-publishing activities, these NFTs enable NFT holders to directly support educational content that is important to them.

Teachers who produce content for the Platform will be able to sell publishing rights for their Courses using this kind of digital asset after TinyTap’s Publisher NFTs are introduced. The content is co-published by the NFT holders, TinyTap, and the teacher who generated it.