Animoca Brands Announce Partnership with Passion Labs


  • Animoca Brands recently announced their partnership with Passion Labs.
  • By utilizing Passion Labs’ new technology for KOC analysis, both companies will assist Japanese businesses.
  • They are aiming to develop their Web3 techniques and create Web3 societies in Japan.

Animoca Brands tweeted on February 24, 2023, that Animoca Brand SK (Japan) has engaged Passion Labs, a Taiwan-based firm that delivers statistics to boost luxury and automobile brands in Japan and Asia-Pacific. With this partnership, they will work with Passion Labs to assist Japanese firms in developing Web3 programmes and their future development and growth, utilizing Passion Labs’ technologies for Key Opinion Consumer Research, as well as to further improve Japan-Taiwan commerce and cooperation.

Animoca Brands Japan co-founder Kyoya Okazawa stated that they are excited to partner with Passion Labs because they anticipate its products will be a vital component of Web3, where community involvement is vital. Last December, they spoke on board at NFT Taipei with Passion Labs founder Keegan Huang and Porsche marketing director Daniel Feucht to explore what Web3 means for premium companies. Because Web3 wants to educate the audience, the role of key opinion leaders is critical. With these investments, they will keep making contributions to the value generation of Web3 enterprises.

Passion Labs Co-Founder and CEO Keegan Huang stated, “It is with immense satisfaction and pride that they declare that they have engaged in a financial and operational partnership with Animoca Brands Japan, with whom we have previously had the opportunity to assist Bentley Japan’s entry into web3. 

This is significant as Taiwan enters the global limelight for utilizing unique blockchain innovations to propel networks. Animoca Brands and Mr. Yat Siu acted as a lighthouse for us as we navigated the difficulties of enterprise with their advice, example, direction, and belief in assisting builders and influencing the world to improve.