Matriarchy now a collaboration of the Rolling Stones and Nadya Riot


  • The Matriarchy Now collection is coming with the collaboration of the Rolling Stones and Nadya Riot.
  • Ellen von Unwerth, the best photographer, is also joining them.
  • This collection money will help women’s reproductive rights.

Coinbase NFT tweeted on January 7, 2023, highlighting “MATRIARCHY NOW”. The Rolling Stones have collaborated with Nadya Russian singer, creative artist, and political activist, as well as iconic photographer Ellen von Unwerth, to create a distinctive collection. The collection will be available on January 11 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

“MATRIARCHY NOW” envisions a lovely society in which women, men, and everybody else are equal.For the very first time, Nadya Tolokonnikova and Ellen von Unwerth cooperate on a Rolling Stone project on art and sexuality.

To broaden the project’s effect, the lead “MATRIARCHY NOW” 1/1 cover, imprinted with the Rolling Stone logo, will be sold off, with the revenues helping female reproductive rights. The auction winner will also get a real physical art print of the Von Unwerth photograph.

With 11 distinct NFTs, the collection is intended to foster inclusion in Web 3 which are Matriarchy Now, Respect and Admiration, Rise of the Fortunate, Heaven, Sufferings, and more.

Nadya Riot co-founded UnicornDAO, a cryptocurrency trading firm, with other musicians and engineers early in the year before. The collection primarily promotes female-identifying, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ artists. So far, $4.5 million has been raised to make the Web3 area more accessible and varied.

Rolling Stone is a monthly publication in the United States that focuses on entertainment, politics, and current society. Jann Wenner and music critic Ralph J. Gleason launched it in 1967 in San Francisco, California. Hunter S. Thompson’s coverage of popular music and political coverage made it famous in the beginning.