AppLovin launches NFT marketplace to allow app developers monetize mobile gaming


  • AppLovin to launch its very first NFT market for mobile game developers.
  • Mobile game makers can now generate revenue for their projects through web3.
  • The project belongs to OpenVessel, AppLovin’s Web3-based subsidiary.

AppLovin has announced its very first non-fungible market with an intent to release in app stores via OpenVessel Technologies, LLC. At the moment, Vessel is live on Google Play and Apple app stores and allows mobile game developers to incorporate NFTs into games so as to increase both revenue as well as engagement. 

Google Play and Apple store reviews are cleared by Vessel, which means it has successfully met their guidelines. 

AppLovin’s General Manager of New Initiatives, Rafael Vivas, said that Vessel depicts the future evolution in monetization of mobile games to offer developers a brand new possibility of monetizing applications and enabling growth & engagement. 

He continued that the marketplace is live and based on the engagement data, it is clear that customers are willing to participate in new ways of playing as well as earning. 

Vessel has a very solid potential as a latest monetization stream in terms of mobile games, something which is clear upon merging the demand of NFT creation and buying via increased engagement levels that are connected with gaming.   

Through Vessel, it is quite effortless for customers to have access to customized NFTs. Developers could enable users to purchase, sell as well as trade their non-fungible tokens besides transforming earnings into cash.

Vessel is quite fortunate as a number of developers are integrating the marketplace in their games to reap extra profits. 

In its Match 3D game, Lion Studios integrated a NFT in-game event through Vessel. As a result, it enjoyed high engagement and saw average revenue per daily active user going up. 

Product Manager for Lion Studios, Randal York, said:

NFTs have always had the potential to become a powerful tool for developers; all we had to do was simplify the idea so that our customers could understand the benefit.

York also led the NFT incorporation for Match 3D. Additionally, he said that Vessel has given them that ability which their audience has welcomed. They have seen a considerable rise for in-app purchases for their NFT event in comparison to their previous events.