Argentine Football Association joins Upland to take the First Division of Argentina to the metaverse


  • The Argentine Football Association and Upland have partnered to connect with fans through metaverse.
  • Fan engagement will expand, which will develop a deeper connection between fans and their favorite teams & players.
  • The partnership will embark Argentinian football’s presence in the metaverse.

The Argentine Football Association and Upland have signed an official license agreement to take the First Division of Argentina (Professional Football League) to the Upland metaverse

Owing to the collaboration, both AFA and LPF will be able to engage fans of Argentina in the metaverse. This will not only contribute to the digital community but will also drive benefits from the Argentinian football community’s participation, which will connect users with their favorite players as well as teams.

Other than connecting global players, fans, and collectors in one virtual network, Upland also exposes users to multiple gamified possibilities and engages them with legendary Argentine football digital collectibles, including players, platform unique moments, teams, iconic moments, clubs, tickets, gameplay footage, and the Official Upland Market.

This agreement is also an expression of the internationalization of the Argentine Football Association as well as the Argentine Professional Football League brand’s reach, which will eventually attract new fan audiences like Web3 addicts, universal gamers, as well as digital assets’ collectors in virtual markets.

With this deal, it is the first time thatArgentine soccer is making a move into the metaverse. Moreover, Upland is also providing unique ownership of in-game videos to fans for the first time.

Fans can begin virtual businesses and sell LPF virtual products besides other digital collectibles in shops acquired and run by players and located on their virtual properties, which include the 22 cities that are open in Upland.

Upland’s agreement with AFA outgrows its engagement with both worldwide and European football after the recent collaboration with FC Porto and FIFA that has enabled fans to access the highlights of the FIFA World CupTM that also include goals from the final in the form of digital collectibles.

President of AFA, Claudio Fabian Tapia, shared his excitement about the agreement with Upland. The Argentine Professional League has always longed for opportunities to benefit from evolving technologies and improve the fan experience of the League. Owing to the agreement, they are able to join the talented creators of technology as well as new digital products; thereby, creating a new income source for every participating club. 

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Upland, Dirk Lueth, also shared the excitement about the licensing agreement and collaboration with the AFA to outgrow the footprint and community of Upland. Lueth added that now they can offer increased opportunities to old and new Argentinian fans and empower them with the real Web3.

Chief Commercial Marketing Officer of AFA, Leandro Petersen, said that Upland is at the peak of a whole new category of virtual NFT memorabilia. The platform will combine digital collectibles to unite worldwide NFT markets in their personal metaverse.

This will allow the Professional League to connect with football fans on a deeper level from all across the world. Generating new income sources for LPF and AFA is crucial. This agreement with Upland will help achieve a major goal for the Argentine Professional Football League.