Art Tokenization Platform Announces the Next Stage of Banksy RWA Sale, a pioneering art tokenization platform, has officially announced the date for its sale of an original artwork by the elusive and world-renowned artist Banksy. The event, set to take place on January 24th, marks a significant moment in the intersection of fine art and blockchain technology, particularly in Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization.

Art enthusiasts and collectors across the globe will have an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Banksy’s acclaimed work, ‘Turf War’, from the eponymous exhibition held in 2003. The exhibition was a landmark event, showcasing Banksy’s signature style of satirical street art, combining dark humor with graffiti in a distinctive stenciling technique. During the ‘Turf War’ exhibition, Banksy’s works began to receive wider public attention and critical acclaim, setting the stage for his rise to international fame.

The original Banksy artwork, currently housed at the Monada Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE, has been tokenized by expert team and offered for sale, making it accessible to a broader audience and demonstrating the potential of RWA in the art world.

Through the innovative process of RWA tokenization, is not just selling Banksy art but is also forging a new path in how art is owned and enjoyed globally.  The minting experience on is designed to be intuitive and engaging. Presently, users can effortlessly purchase a piece of their chosen artwork with just a few clicks. Once the minting is completed, the purchased piece of the artwork becomes immediately accessible in the user’s wallet, symbolizing their legal co-ownership of a physical piece.

The upcoming Banksy sale will offer a limited release of ‘Turf War’ offering 100 pieces, each priced at $80. This exclusive sale is expected to attract a wide range of art collectors and enthusiasts eager to acquire a piece of art history. Further details about the sale can be found at’s website.

Looking ahead, is already preparing for future art sales, with new masterpieces from world-famous artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and others already on display at the Monada Art Gallery and awaiting their turn to be owned and enjoyed by art connoisseurs from all over the world.