Base Blockchain Releases Its Debut Single as an NFT with an Exclusive Song


  • Base, a Coinbase-powered blockchain ecosystem, has partnered with Sound. Xyz to enable artists to mint music as NFTs.
  • This collaboration offers a cost-efficient way for artists to mint NFTs, thanks to Base being an Ethereum layer two solution.
  • The partnership is marked by the release of the track “Based” by artists Reo Cragun and Heno, emphasizing the power of blockchain in music.

Base, the Coinbase-powered blockchain ecosystem, has struck a harmonious chord with the world of blockchain music through its recent partnership with Sound. Xyz. This collaboration has struck a chord in the music industry by enabling artists to mint their music as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) within the Base ecosystem, with a catchy blockchain-themed track titled “Based” leading the way.

Sound. Xyz took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce this groundbreaking development, highlighting the advantages of Base being an Ethereum layer two solution. The critical takeaway is cost efficiency, as gas fees for minting NFT tracks are notably lower, and transaction speeds are lightning-fast. Furthermore, this allows artists to participate without purchasing cryptocurrency or navigating complex fund-bridging processes.

The inaugural track, “Based,” was brought to life on Base by the talented artists Reo Cragun and Heno. Its lyrics resound with a declaration of getting “a billion on-chain,” embodying the resilience of those who stay committed during challenging times.

What truly strikes a chord in the Web3 music scene is the vast user base of over 100 million users on the Base network. Sound. XYZ emphasizes how music is an enticing entry point for a new generation of users to embrace blockchain technology.

Over the past year, the music industry has hit high notes in the Web3 space, with renowned artists venturing into blockchain-based releases. Megadeth, the iconic American thrash metal band with a global fan base, introduced a groundbreaking NFT collection in December, uniting their community in physical and digital realms.

In a testament to the enduring appeal of legendary artists, the late pop icon Michael Jackson saw his first-ever studio demo released as digital vinyl on the blockchain music platform Another block five decades after its recording and 14 years after Jackson’s passing.

Cordell Broadus (Champ Medici), entrepreneur and son of the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, shed light on bringing legacy artists into the Web3 landscape. He emphasized the pivotal role of blockchain and NFTs in shaping the future of music, ushering in a new era of legacy-building.