Minecraft says no to implementing blockchain and NFTs


  • To offer a safe and inclusive experience to its players, Minecrfat doesn’t allow blockchain technologies in client and server applications.
  • Blockchain technologies can’t be used to create NFTs related to in-game content.
  • Currently, Minecraft has no plans to implement blockchain.

Minecraft has announced not supporting or permitting block technologies in its servers which includes NFTs too. The decision has been taken to provide Minecraft players a safe and comprehensive experience. 

According to the update, blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated in client and server applications. Moreover, they cannot be used to build NFTs related to any in-game content including skins, worlds, personal belongings or other mods. 

Minecraft stated that certain creators and companies have launched NFT products related to skins packs and Minecraft world files. Furthermore, it mentioned latest integrations such as the creation of Minecraft collectible NFTs, which enables players to earn NFTs via activities on a server. They can also earn Minecraft NFT rewards by participating in activities that lie outside the game.

Minecraft believes that such activities build virtual ownership on the basis of exclusion and scarcity besides violating the platform’s values. Other concerns included profiteering and the assumption-based nature of NFT investing. 

Another aspect the platform observed was that as certain NFTs need third-party asset managers, sustainability and reliability of the digital assets turn into a major concern

Minecraft found that that creation within the game has intrinsic value; thus, it will come up with a marketplace that recognizes those values. Though they will follow the development of blockchain technology, no plans to implement it as of now are there. 

The company also expressed its concern that NFTs provoke players to spend more time evaluating NFTs values and earning money through the game rather than playing and enjoying the game.