Bitcoin Ordinals Skeptic Changes Stance as Jack Dorsey-Supported Ocean Mining Pool Embraces Inscriptions


  • Ocean Mining Pool, supported by tech leader Jack Dorsey, revises its stance to permit miners more freedom in handling Bitcoin blocks.
  • The decision marks a significant shift from Ocean’s previous policy, aligning with the decentralized ethos of Bitcoin.
  • The update introduces three block template policy options for miners, catering to diverse needs within the Bitcoin mining community.

In a recent turn of events, the Bitcoin community witnessed a significant shift in the stance of Ocean Mining Pool towards Ordinal inscriptions. Ocean, a company known for its robust mining pool and backed by tech mogul Jack Dorsey, announced a new policy allowing miners greater autonomy in processing Bitcoin blocks with non-financial transactions. This move diverges from their previous policy, which barred such actions.

The change primarily affects the handling of Ordinals, a controversial form of digital assets akin to NFTs. These assets, launched in January by Bitcoin Core developer Casey Rodarmor, are inscribed on satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin unit. They have stirred debate within the Bitcoin community, especially among purists who view them as unnecessary.

Ocean’s decision marks a notable departure from the hardline stance held by some in the Bitcoin community, including Luke Dashjr, a prominent Bitcoin Core developer. Dashjr has been vocal in his criticism of Ordinals, labeling them as “spam” on the blockchain. However, his mining pool’s latest policy indicates a potential shift in perspective, or at least a pragmatic approach to the evolving landscape of Bitcoin transactions.

Ocean’s announcement highlights the company’s commitment to decentralization, emphasizing the importance of miners’ autonomy in deciding block contents. This approach aligns with the ethos of a decentralized Bitcoin, where choices around block construction are not dictated by pools but by individual miners.

Moreover, the update from Ocean introduces three block template policy options for miners. These include the ‘Ocean Recommended policy, focusing on traditional financial transactions with minimal spam, the ‘Bitcoin Core with Ordisrespector spam filter, and the unmodified Bitcoin Core version. This range of options reflects a nuanced approach to managing the diverse needs and perspectives within the Bitcoin mining community.

The response to this update has been mixed. While some see it as a victory for Ordinals supporters, others interpret it as a strategic move by Ocean and Dashjr to adapt to the changing dynamics of Bitcoin transactions. The debate around including Ordinals and other non-traditional transactions in Bitcoin blocks continues, highlighting the ongoing evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the varying perspectives within its community.

This development demonstrates the dynamic nature of the Bitcoin network and the importance of balancing innovation with the foundational principles of the cryptocurrency. As the landscape continues to evolve, the decisions made by key players like Ocean Mining Pool will significantly influence the direction and nature of Bitcoin’s growth.