DappRadar Data Reveals Alarming 98% Decline in Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Transactions Since May


  • Bitcoin ordinals NFTs experience a drastic 97% decline in trading activity, according to DappRadar.
  • Revenues for Bitcoin ordinals drop to $3 million from a peak of $452 million in May.
  • Debate within the Bitcoin community persists on integrating NFTs due to differing views on network role.

Bitcoin ordinals non-fungible tokens (NFTs), have encountered a remarkable downturn in trading activity. DappRadar, a renowned analytics tool, recently revealed that transactions involving Bitcoin ordinals have plummeted by a staggering 97%.

This nosedive, witnessed in mid-August, reflects a total of 20,571 transactions. This decline of such magnitude โ€“ a whopping 98% drop since May โ€“ bears vital implications for user engagement, which, unfortunately, has largely flown under the radar.

DappRadar’s data release on August 17 painted a gloomy picture for the Bitcoin ordinals market. Revenues dwindled to a meager $3 million by August 14, marking a stark contrast to the pinnacle of $452 million reached in May. This alarming trend raises concerns about the prolonged viability of NFTs tied to Bitcoin.

While DappRadar spotlighted the considerable drop in transaction count and sales volume, it also underscored the necessity of conducting further research to ascertain whether this decline is merely a temporary setback or a more systemic issue.

The call for more comprehensive analysis stems from the significance of the persistent drop in transaction count. This decline may mirror waning trader engagement with Bitcoin ordinals, potentially jeopardizing their relevance and endurance in the expanding realm of NFTs.

Interestingly, this downturn follows an active second quarter marked by a notable surge in trading volumes and user involvement compared to the first quarter. The abrupt dip in Bitcoin ordinals NFT trading emerged unexpectedly, overshadowing the previously bustling quarter.

However, the Bitcoin community stands divided on the role of NFTs within the network. While NFTs have seamlessly integrated into Ethereum and other blockchains, Bitcoin’s community remains polarized. Some express apprehensions about introducing NFTs to the Bitcoin network, emphasizing Bitcoin’s status as “digital gold” and a store of value.

The forthcoming months are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of Bitcoin-based NFTs. Observers are closely watching to discern if Bitcoin ordinals can rebound from this setback or if the coin might revert to its original role as a store of value.

ย Amidst the evolving landscape of NFTs and decentralized finance, stakeholders grapple with profound uncertainties concerning the trajectory of Bitcoin-based NFTs within the realm of digital currencies.

The cryptocurrency sphere is navigating transformative shifts, and the fate of Bitcoin-based NFTs hangs in the balance, awaiting further developments and insights into their place in this dynamic landscape.