Modex Announces New NFT Release in Collaboration with FIFA+ Collect


  • Modex, in partnership with FIFA+ Collect Club, recently achieved a sold-out debut NFT drop in just three hours.
  • A new NFT collection, including 900 unique items, featuring exclusive experiences from the FIFA Club World Cup 2023, will be launched on OpenSea.
  • The collection will be issued on the Polygon network, emphasizing the growing demand for sports-related digital collectables.

Modex, in partnership with FIFA+ Collect Club, recently achieved a remarkable milestone with their debut NFT drop, which sold out in three hours. Building on this success, the company has announced a new NFT collection set to be launched on OpenSea, available from December 19 at 11 AM EST. This collection, issued on the Polygon network, will include 900 unique NFTs featuring exclusive VIP experiences and physical items from the FIFA Club World Cup 2023™.

The initial success story began with FIFA+ Collect Club’s limited edition NFT Membership Cards, each priced at $999. These cards garnered an overwhelming response, selling out swiftly within three hours of their release. This rapid sellout underscores the growing enthusiasm and market demand for sports-related digital collectables.

Adding to the excitement, Modex has revealed a special airdrop scheduled for December 26 for VIP Membership Card holders. This airdrop will feature key moments from the FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™. Notably, selected moments in this airdrop will offer holders exclusive tickets to the FIFA World Cup 2026™ and FIFA Club World Cup 2025™ finals in the USA.

Moreover, holders of these VIP cards will enjoy additional perks, such as the Adidas Level 4 membership. This status is usually reserved for customers who accumulate over 9,000 points from Adidas purchases. This move signifies Modex’s commitment to providing value-added experiences to its NFT collectors.

The upcoming NFT Drop on OpenSea is poised to offer a range of unique items. These include tickets to “The Best FIFA Football Awards™”, VIP visits with a FIFA Legend to the FIFA Museum in Zurich, and memorabilia like signed Yellow/Red cards by referees and corner flags signed by team captains from the FIFA Club World Cup 2023™ Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the collection will feature 812 uniquely numbered posters representing each team from the tournament.

This series of events illustrates the growing synergy between digital art, sports fandom, and blockchain technology. Modex’s strategic alliance with FIFA+ Collect Club has not only catered to the sports memorabilia market but also introduced a new way for fans to connect with their favourite sports events through innovative digital means. This collaboration is a testament to the evolving landscape of sports collectables and the potential of NFTs in enhancing fan experiences.