Alien CryptoPunk NFT Fetches $16 Million in Ethereum Sale


  • A rare Alien CryptoPunk NFT, CryptoPunk #3100, sells for a staggering 4,500 ETH, equivalent to over $16 million.
  • This sale marks the second highest price ever for a CryptoPunk, emphasizing the unique value of these digital assets.
  • The allure of Alien CryptoPunks continues to captivate collectors, driving significant transactions in the NFT space.

A rare Alien CryptoPunk NFT, CryptoPunk #3100, has captured attention after selling for a staggering 4,500 Ethereum (ETH), equivalent to $16,032,959. This sale marks the second-highest price ever fetched by a CryptoPunk NFT, showcasing the unique allure of these digital assets. An anonymous bidder, operating through a newly created wallet, clinched the deal around 2:30 pm UTC on March 4, following several days of intense bidding. Initially, the bidder had offered 4,250 ETH, worth $14.78 million at the time, before increasing their bid to the final amount of 4,500 ETH.

CryptoPunk #3100 stands out as one of the mere 10,000 CryptoPunks available, distinguished not only by its rare Alien attribute but also by sporting a headband, an adornment shared with only 405 other CryptoPunks. Its value is significantly enhanced by its rarity as one of only nine Alien CryptoPunks, making it a coveted piece among collectors.

The record for the highest-ever sale of a CryptoPunk still belongs to CryptoPunk #5822, another Alien variant, which sold for 8,000 ETH ($23.7 million) on February 12, 2022. The fascination with these Alien CryptoPunks underscores the unique market dynamics of the NFT space, where rarity and aesthetic preferences drive demand and value.

Interestingly, the rarity hierarchy within the CryptoPunk universe is not solely dependent on the attribute count. For instance, an alien NFT featuring an earring and a cowboy hat stands out as the rarest based on individual attributes. However, an alien with a cap forward, a pipe, and shades ranks as the most unusual based on the number and rarity of its attributes.

Despite broader fluctuations, this sale reaffirms the substantial interest and investment in the NFT market. The allure of unique digital assets, particularly those as scarce as Alien CryptoPunks, continues to drive significant transactions. This event also highlights the growing trend of anonymous acquisitions in the digital art and NFT realms, emphasizing the digital anonymity many users prize. In conclusion, the sale of CryptoPunk #3100 for 4,500 ETH underscores the enduring appeal and value of rare NFTs within the digital collectibles market.