Tiger Global & Coatue Management Cut NFT Investments Amid Market Volatility


  • Tiger Global’s NFT portfolio slashes reflect crypto market caution amid volatility.
  • Coatue Management marks down OpenSea investment by 90%, echoing NFT market reevaluation.
  • The evolving NFT space prompts major investors to recalibrate, shaping crypto’s future stability.

In a significant move, Tiger Global, a prominent investment firm, has drastically reduced its investments in notable non-fungible token (NFT) projects. These investments include the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection and the NFT marketplace OpenSea. Bloomberg’s recent report reveals that Tiger Global slashed its BAYC stakes by 69% and OpenSea holdings by 94%. Moreover, the firm has also cut valuations for several other portfolio companies.

Tiger Global’s decision reflects a cautious approach towards the volatile crypto market. The firm has been diversifying its investments in the crypto realm, focusing on NFTs and blockchain security and privacy-focused initiatives. In 2021, it co-led a $24 million funding round for blockchain security company CertiK, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing decentralized finance (DeFi) security.

Furthermore, in 2022, Tiger Global participated in a Series B investment for Aleo, a zero-knowledge applications platform, which successfully raised $200 million. This round saw leading investors like Kora Management LP and SoftBank Vision Fund 2. Additionally, the firm invested in Polygon, a layer-2 network, showcasing its broad interest in crypto.

However, Tiger Global is not alone in this cautious stance. Coatue Management, another major player and co-lead investor in OpenSea, recently marked down its investment in the NFT marketplace by 90%. This reduction brought OpenSea’s valuation down to $1.4 billion, a significant decrease from its previous valuation.

These markdowns by Tiger Global and Coatue Management signal a broader trend of reevaluation within the NFT market. Investors are becoming more circumspect, primarily due to fluctuating market values. Consequently, this shift could lead to more conservative investment strategies in the NFT and broader crypto sectors.

Besides these adjustments, these investment giants’ moves underscore the NFT space’s evolving nature. Hence, as the market matures, further recalibrations in investments are likely. These developments may pave the way for more stable and sustainable growth in the crypto and NFT sectors in the long run.