Buy NFTs with your Credit Card: The JPG Store x Winter


  • A recent Collaboration between the JPG Store and Winter lets users buy NFTs through credit cards.
  • No ADA is required for buying NFTs through credit cards.
  • This feature is currently rolled out on Clay Nation”s page, with various other integrations coming in the following weeks.

The JPG Store has announced the newest integration to buy NFTs with a credit card on the JPG store, which is powered by the Winter NFTs: The web3 world is constantly thinking of ways to amplify the user journey, and this integration would go a long way in it. 

Sharing on their official Twitter Channel, the JPG store said they are currently testing a new feature where the users can buy the NFTs directly with credit cards. The store further added that there is no need for the ADA, and the users need a wallet and a card to buy the NFTs. 

Furthermore, they added that this feature is currently rolled out on Clay NAtion’s page, and more collaborations are rolling out in the coming weeks. 

They specified that they do not collaborate with Clay Mates or Clay Nation. These games are just the guinea pigs or this feature. 

The Official Channel of Winter also clarified that this is the first-ever credit card checkout for NFTs, and they are rolling this feature out for Cardano NFTs. They added that they would be rolling out this feature sitewide in the coming weeks.