Billionaire Biohacker Bryan Johnson Launches NFT Venture with Solana-Based DRiP Airdrop


  • Bryan Johnson enters the NFT world with a unique collection created by artist Degen Poet.
  • The Blueprint project introduces three special collectibles on the Solana blockchain.
  • DRiP Haus simplifies NFT acquisition through an accessible airdrop system.

Billionaire Bryan Johnson, known for his biohacking pursuits and longevity advocacy, recently ventured into cryptocurrency and NFTs. Collaborating with SuperTeamDAO and the celebrated digital artist Degen Poet, Johnson’s Blueprint project launched a unique collection of NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This initiative, in partnership with DRiP, marks a significant intersection of crypto, art, and longevity interests.

The Blueprint collection, unveiled on Monday, consists of three distinct Bryan Johnson-themed collectibles. These NFTs, varying in rarity from common to legendary, are now accessible to collectors. Johnson’s excitement on Twitter highlighted the synergy between his longevity mission and the crypto world. He particularly commended Degen Poet for warmly welcoming him into the community and crafting a collection that resonates with the ‘Don’t Die’ ethos.

DRiP Haus, a key player in this collaboration, has made these collectibles available through a unique airdrop mechanism. In an interview with Decrypt, Vibhu Norby, co-founder and CEO of DRiP Haus, explained the process behind this venture. DRiP account holders can claim these NFTs for free, with an option for new users to join at a nominal fee. The airdrop, processed in real-time, covers all associated gas fees, making it a hassle-free experience for participants.

This collaboration stands out in the crypto community for its seamless integration of art and technology. Degen Poet’s role as the artist behind these NFTs has been pivotal. His reputation within the Solana community for creating impactful digital art made him a natural choice for this project. Norby underscored the significance of Degen Poet’s involvement, noting his previous successes and the high trading volume of his collections on various blockchains.

Johnson’s foray into NFTs continues his dedication to pushing boundaries. Having invested over $4 million in scientific research to combat aging and promote health, his venture into digital collectibles represents another facet of his multifaceted approach to longevity. SuperTeamDAO’s organization of this effort highlights its influence within the Solana community, facilitating collaborations and problem-solving across a global network.

As the crypto and art worlds continue to evolve, initiatives like the Blueprint collection by Bryan Johnson and his collaborators exemplify the innovative ways these spheres intersect. This project offers a new avenue for NFT collectors and bridges the gap between technology, art, and the pursuit of longevity.