Solana NFT Sales Surge, Exceeding Ethereum in Monthly Volume for the First Occasion


  • In December 2023, Solana’s NFT sales reached approximately $366.5 million, surpassing Ethereum’s $353.2 million for the first time.
  • Solana witnessed a significant increase in market activity, with around 279,000 buyers and 6.6 million transactions.
  • The surge in Solana’s market is partly attributed to the 71% appreciation of its native token, SOL.

In a remarkable shift in the digital asset marketplace, Solana’s NFT sales have eclipsed Ethereum’s for the first time, signaling a significant change in the sector. December 2023 witnessed Solana’s NFT sales reaching approximately $366.5 million, surpassing Ethereum’s $353.2 million. This data from CryptoSlam highlights a pivotal moment in the NFT market, considering Ethereum’s long-standing dominance.

Solana’s remarkable performance isn’t just about the total sales volume. The network also saw a dramatic increase in unique buyer and seller participation. There wereAboutellers and 279,000 buyers on Solana, engaging in 6.6 million transactions. This contrasts sharply with Ethereum’s figures, which comprised approximately 114,000 sellers and over 143,000 buyers in around 698,000 transactions.

The surge in Solana’s NFT market activity aligns with the significant appreciation in its native token, SOL. Over the past month, SOL’s value increased by over 71%, starkly contrasting Ethereum’s 9% rise in the same period. This price rally in SOL contributes to the increased value of Solana’s NFT sales. However, the value of individual NFT sales on Solana decreased from about $74 in November to under $56 in December. This indicates that the surge in sales volume is more due to increased participation and transaction numbers rather than higher-priced sales.

Furthermore, specific projects on the Solana network have garnered significant attention. For instance, the Tensorians project, linked to the leading Solana marketplace Tensor, accounted for $28 million in trades. This suggests a growing interest in unique projects within the Solana ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the traditional leader in the NFT space, Ethereum, saw its top projects, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins, generate $19.5 million and $18.3 million in trades, respectively. While impressive, these figures are overshadowed by Solana’s recent surge.

An exciting aspect of the broader NFT market is the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals. Ordinals, which allow NFT-like media to be placed on the Bitcoin blockchain, saw significant trading volumes. However, it’s crucial to differentiate the nature of these trades from those on Ethereum and Solana, as Ordinals include trading of BRC-20 tokens, akin to fungible tokens on other networks.

In summary, Solana’s recent performance in the NFT market is noteworthy. It marks a shift in the digital asset landscape, reflecting changing preferences and the dynamic nature of the NFT space. While Ethereum remains a significant player, Solana’s emerging prominence is a development worth watching.